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220 Sauce is about 55 years of family life evolving in the same wonderful spot. All ages congregated through the years around food and this being San Antonio, chile sauce of some kind was always involved playing a big part whether with chips and tortillas, as marinade for all kinds of meat, game, poultry or seafood, as an improvised or additional recipe ingredient and as a mandatory condiment for whatever was on the table. Pequin plants have grown on this property since before my parents purchased 220, this home, but have greatly multiplied over the past few years thanks to some TLC and organic fertilizer. The beauty and abundance of these red and green chiles cried out to join a variety of lovely tomatoes, cilantro, onions, garlic, olive oil and salt to create something which evolved into 3 intensities of 220 Sauce for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

Family and friends here and in Mexico asked for more so I turned to the abundance of chiles that I have enjoyed working with in my kitchen in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Dried Chile Morita, dried Chile de Arbol, dried Chile Tantoyuquero which is a non commercial crop grown within many indigenous communities in Veracruz and dried Chile Pequin have been combined with olive oil, salt, browned garlic and onion to make mmild, medium and hot oil based sauces that are a terrific addition to ANY AND EVERYTHING. They do not require refrigeration as the tomato based sauces do and get better with time. At the request of my 5 year old grandson, Max, for a sauce that was not spicy hot, I made Max’s Sauce from toasted Chile Color that is No Heat, Just Flavor. Both my grandsons, Max and Bruno, help with watering and picking pequins and cilantro in our yard, packaging and selling 220Sauces. And that is what makes 220Sauce an exceptionally rewarding family endeavor.